Energy Audits For Commercial HVAC Systems In Southern NJ

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energy audits in Southern NJ

The expense to run a commercial HVAC system is a number one concern for any South Jersey business owner. Not only does the HVAC equipment need to run as efficiently as possible, the building itself needs to hold all that treated air in where it belongs.

When there is heat transference going on, the heated or cooled air produced by even a highly efficient HVAC system is lost. This equals high energy bills whether the equipment is efficient or not.

This is why a commercial HVAC energy assessment is so important for any Southern NJ business. Instead of shoring up the energy efficiency of a building by guessing what needs to be done, this assessment pinpoints the areas of the building and the HVAC system that need improvement.

A Southern NJ heating contractor, like South Jersey Heating and Cooling, can perform your commercial HVAC energy audit. Here is some helpful information to know about the audit.

Assessing The Current HVAC System During Commercial Energy Audits

During a commercial energy audit, one of the first steps will be to assess the HVAC system and how well it performs in the building it’s installed in. Every building is different, so the HVAC system should be sufficiently heating and cooling in an efficient manner.

It also tests and ensures the HVAC system is producing the temperature and force of air needed to heat and cool the building. If leaks are going on in the ductwork, connections, or through equipment that projects through the building structure, it’s found. If the HVAC system isn’t right for the building, you will know what type of equipment would be for maximum efficiency.

Commercial Energy Audits To Determine Annual Heating & Cooling Costs

Your commercial energy audit will take certain details into consideration to determine what the annual heating and cooling costs should be for your building compared to what they are. This is extensively calculated by the tools the assessor uses from data collected in various ways.

Various types of heating and cooling systems can be simulated during the energy audit which would identify other types of systems that would be much more efficient. Unfortunately, not the best choices are made when installations occur, so this could be very beneficial information to know.

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