Air Conditioning Problems You Don’t Want to Ignore

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When you have air conditioner problems, you don’t want to put off repairs.

Unfortunately, this is one area of home maintenance that can’t be delayed because when one part on your a/c unit goes out, it’s needed to keep the other parts running right. Soon enough, you’ll experience a complete shut down of the system which will require more to repair later.

Not only will the equipment be put under more stress with the extra load it’s having to endure, but you’ll also be experiencing plenty of stress from not having cool enough air.

One of the worst ways to have to suffer is to have to endure record breaking heat inside your home. There’s just no amount of hot breeze you can get in through the window to create a a cool atmosphere, so you wind up suffering and sweating your way through the problem.

Rather than go through all of that, seeing to the air conditioning repair right away when you think something may be wrong can help your unit work longer and stronger.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell what’s wrong with your air conditioner. You may just know what the results are but the causes stay hidden because everything looks fine to you. That’s why we encourage our customers to get a spring tune up done for their air handling units prior to the summer season.

Professionals have the tools necessary to detect problems.

And the only clue you may have that there’s an issue is a slightly higher utility bill or the air isn’t cooling as it should. But generally by then the problem has been going on for some time and other damage to the unit has been done.

For instance, if your condenser gets low on refrigerant, your air conditioning unit will have to work harder to try to cool the air in your business. This constant laboring can go on for months before you burn out the compressor motor. Then your costs for repairs is higher.

The motor is simple to replace, but there are parts on your air conditioner that can’t be detached and replaced. Instead, you’ll end up having to replace the entire unit…-and you don’t want to let that happen if you can avoid it with some preventative maintenance.

Many business owners hesitate to even call to ask about a tune up because they think it will cost them more than they want to pay. However, it’s a really economical service that will keep your unit functioning well. Remember, you’re preventing problems that could surprise you in the next few months and wind up costing quite a bit to repair.

Your unit will be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, along with many checks and adjustments where needed. Even if you don’t want to engage in a maintenance agreement, where your unit is maintained at it’s peak every month, the tune up can be done once or twice a year.

You’ll want a professionally licensed contractor or repair company like ours here at South jersey Heating & Cooling to do your tune up and air conditioner maintenance. Our experts will thoroughly check your system and get it running right. Just give us a call for a quote, and we’ll be glad to serve you.


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