How To Get The Most From Your Heating System In South Jersey

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Southern NJ heating tune-upsIf you’re like most of us here in the South Jersey area, keeping up with your heating system is something you know you have to do in order to ensure it works well for you and your family during our cold winters. There are other things you can do in your business that will assist your heating system in keeping your environment warm and safe for everyone.

It the time of year when we’re really busy helping our customers with heating tune-ups to prepare their systems for the cold season, so if you haven’t had your tune up done yet -be sure to call and schedule yours soon. Otherwise, we have put together some things you’ll want to consider doing to help you stay warm. Lets get your company maximized to keep the air inside comfortable with the following heating tips for your South Jersey business.

Heating Tips For South Jersey

With the upswing in energy costs, it’s no wonder everyone is looking for additional ways to save on their heating bills than just getting the most energy savings from their heating systems. Your business in general can be the cause of high heating costs that have nothing to do with the capacity or output of your heating furnace or boiler.

  • First, you’ll want to check your business for areas where the heat you’ve already paid for is leaking out. Windows are the first area to check. If you don’t have energy efficient modern windows, be sure you can cover them with thermal lined drapes. This helps to hold your heat in and keep the cold behind the drapery. Make sure they are hung with no large gaps on the sides, bottom, or tops. You can caulk your window sides, put new weatherstripping on, or use thick plastic or other materials to cover the windows as well.
  • Check around your exterior doors for drafts. Even small cracks let out much of your heat because the the heated air will be sucked out just due to pressure changes in the air temperatures.
  • Check for gaps in your insulated places. If your business isn’t completely insulated properly, you may need to have certain areas insulated. Spaces in the attic near the exterior walls are common problems as are any areas along your exterior walls. There’s no sense in heating your South Jersey home if there are places for the heated air to escape.
  • Be sure your outlets, switches, and any other places where ventilation fans or plumbing pipes enter the building are completely sealed and insulated. Small cracks around these areas are common and can be a huge heating cost problem.
  • Minimize your use of bathroom or kitchen ventilation fans because they will pull out your warm air fast in about an hour or so. You’d be surprised how fast that can add up on your heating bill.

This winter, you can be better prepared for our cold months with a few adjustments for your business. If you feel like you need to have assistance with your heating system, just give us a call and we can come inspect and tune it up. You’ll at least have known you’ve done all you can to ensure your heating is taken care of so it serves you well all season. Plus, we’ll be able to give you an idea of how much longer your heating system will last before needing replacement. Come to the heating specialists you can trust at South Jersey Heating And Cooling for all your businesses heating needs!

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