Your Business Could Benefit from a Zone Climate Control System

Chances are that your HVAC needs are not the same throughout your facility. For example, open dock doors or oversized windows could create hot and cold spots. Additionally, under-utilized areas such as conference rooms or storage areas may require less heating and cooling. A zone climate control system can address all these problems while reducing your energy burden by up to 25%.

What is a Zone Climate Control System?
A zone control system essentially separates different areas of your building into zones. Each zone contains a series of motorized dampers that regulate the amount of airflow. Excess air can then be diverted into another zone or even a common area for even greater efficiency.

Each zone also contains its own thermostat. As such, occupants can adjust the amount of heating and cooling to their own liking. Not only can this improve efficiency, but you can reduce the number of portable space heaters, as well.

Zone Control System Basics
Your HVAC system automatically responds to temperature changes, based on your thermostat’s settings. Under normal circumstances, the entire system engages whenever the temperature raises or lowers. In essence, this forces you to heat or cool areas you may not necessarily need to. With a climate control system, the thermostat in each zone controls the temperature. Heating and cooling to other zones is then shut off until needed.

In many cases, a zone control system can be installed alongside your existing equipment. Our technicians will just need to add a zone control panel and additional thermostats. The dampers that control the airflow will then be placed inside your existing ductwork.

Money-Saving Benefits
Zoning your facility provides tremendous money-saving benefits by eliminating the wasteful heating and cooling of unused spaces. In turn, this reduces the overall burden on your HVAC system so there are fewer mechanical repairs.

With a zone climate system, you create a more even temperature throughout. This means you’ll increase productivity, improve morale, and ensure the health and well-being of all your employees.
Never worry about manually resetting the thermostat when you leave for the day. Each zone’s temperature can be controlled using a smart thermostat, so you can program each area for maximum efficiency. You’ll realize the savings of a smart thermostat several times over!

To work properly, your existing unit must be appropriately sized with adequate ductwork to accommodate the dampers. Before installing a system, our technicians will need to perform a load calculation and inspect your existing ductwork to ensure they are adequate. We’ll also determine the appropriate number of zones as well as placement for each area’s thermostat.

You’ll need bypass ducts if you have more than three zones. In some cases, you could still benefit from them even if you have only two zones. The number and placement of bypass ducts will depend on your building’s floor plan, ductwork configuration, and other factors.


Learn the Benefits of a Climate Control System

Do drafty areas put a strain on your HVAC system? Are you tired of employees bickering over whether it is too hot or too cold? A climate control system can eliminate these issues and more. Give us a call today here at South Jersey Heating and Cooling and together we will help you determine if you could benefit.