Regular HVAC Cleaning Keeps Everyone in your Building Safe and Healthy

Your building contains hundreds of pounds of air, all of which is processed by your HVAC system. Over time, dirt and contaminants that are lurking in the air may become lodged in your ducts, filters, and other components. In turn, these contaminants are then distributed throughout your facility, and are breathed in by others.

Your heating and cooling system is tucked away out of sight. As a result, you may not think about cleaning it that often unless you experience a problem. Even so, keeping your unit clean is very important, as what is hiding inside it can greatly contribute to breathing or other health problems.


As an example, New York City was affected by a health scare in 2015. Known as Legionnaires’ disease, this dangerous illness was profound in very large offices and buildings. Eventually, health officials were able to trace its source back to contaminated HVAC water cooling towers. Since that time, new laws have been introduced to regulate the cleanliness of water towers and prevent future infections.

As the 2015 Legionnaires’ outbreak shows, the idea of keeping your heating and cooling system clean is not just fear mongering. Regular HVAC system cleaning is essential when it comes to keeping your business-and those who frequent it-healthy.

Eliminating Bacteria and Viruses
It’s not just dirt and contaminants that can get in your air conditioner. A number of different bacteria and viruses could be hiding inside it as well. Once they have gotten into your unit, they can quickly spread throughout a building. When your entire building has a common HVAC system and ductwork, it can eventually result in what is known as Sick Building Syndrome. With Sick Building Syndrome, everyone who works inside your space could become ill, yet not really know why they are feeling bad.


Bacteria and viruses that have contaminated your air conditioner will spread through your ductwork very quickly. A thorough HVAC system cleaning, including replacing the filters, will eliminate contaminants and viruses that have made your unit their home. That way, you can reduce the spread of illness and avoid any downtime involved with having people call out sick.


Importance of a Maintenance Plan
The best way to ensure that HVAC cleaning is not overlooked is with a Heating and Cooling Preventative Maintenance Plan. Here at South Jersey Heating and Cooling, we provide plans that will give you peace of mind and prevent problems from causing sickness. Our preventative maintenance plans ensure your filters are changed on a regular basis so that they do not harbor viruses, bacteria, or mold. Other components that might hold contaminants are covered as well, including your coils, drains, and pans.


Dust, mold, pollen, pollution, bacteria, and viruses can all build up in your ventilation system. However, they do not accumulate overnight. Accordingly, regular inspections are needed if you are to recognize potential problems. During an inspection, we will look for things that might cause your system to become contaminated due to airflow or humidity problems. That is just one reason why regular maintenance and cleaning is so important when it comes to your health.


High Quality Heating and Cooling Plans in New Jersey
More information on our preventative maintenance plans is available on our website. You can also reach us by phone at 800-792-2435 if you have additional questions.


Reach out to us in order to arrange a site visit. One of our technicians will then provide you with an affordable quote for annual preventative maintenance, and will schedule your first cleaning as soon as possible. Together, we can help keep you and your employees safe and healthy.