Is Your Business Affected by Allergies? Your HVAC System Offers Solutions

The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI) reports that allergies have an annual cost of more than $18 billion in the U.S. In addition, over 50 million Americans will suffer from some form of allergy this year. So, it’s not a question of if, but rather how allergies will affect your business. Your HVAC system can provide a valuable line of defense, provided you keep the following in mind.

#1. Change Your Air Filters Often
Your filters are designed to trap dust and other irritants, preventing them from circulating through your air ducts. Dirty filters, on the other hand, cannot block irritants, and in fact may even make the situation worse.

Changing air filters may seem like a simple task. However, it’s one that’s often overlooked, particularly in office settings that don’t have dedicated maintenance personnel. Even in larger facilities that have their own maintenance team, it’s easy to miss some filters.

The simple solution – sign up for a commercial maintenance agreement with South Jersey Heating and Cooling and let us take care of monthly filter changes for you.

#2. Consider Air Duct Cleaning
Over the winter, moisture from ice and snow can build up inside your ductwork. In turn, moisture can cause mold and mildew to form. As such, you could notice an increase in allergy symptoms, even among those who do not normally suffer.

Not only is mold unhealthy, but it could also result in significant property and equipment damage. Our duct cleaning services can help you and your employees breathe better, and will likely reduce your heating and cooling expenses as well.

#3. Check Your Humidity Levels
The Mayo Clinic reports that dry air may aggravate allergy and sinus conditions. Accordingly, they recommend maintaining humidity levels at between 30% and 50%.

Not sure what your humidity levels are? Allow us to perform an assessment to see if your business might benefit from one of our commercial humidifiers.

#4. Install the Right Size System
Improperly-sized systems prevent air from circulating properly. One that’s too small may leave you with dry, stuffy air that could wreak havoc on the sinuses. A unit that’s too big isn’t necessarily better, as it leaves more room for moisture to form.

The wrong size unit is not only bad for allergy sufferers, but you might also notice larger heating and cooling bills. In many cases, a new HVAC system could pay for itself in the form of reduced absenteeism, increased production, and greater energy efficiency. We recommend having an assessment performed if your unit is at least ten years old or your employees are complaining about poor indoor air quality.

#5. Keep Your System Maintained
Regular maintenance keeps your unit in great shape, while eliminating dust particles that might otherwise pose a health hazard. During a routine maintenance appointment, our technicians will clean your condenser, coils, and address any other problem areas. In doing so, you’ll also be extending the lifespan of your equipment and preventing costly breakdowns.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance
Seasonal allergies can cost your business money in the way of absenteeism, lowered production, and general employee dissatisfaction. The good news is that your establishment does not have to succumb to these losses. In many cases, proper maintenance of your HVAC system can provide practical, cost-effective solutions that will save you money by increasing the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC system, as well as ensuring the health and safety of your employees.

Allergy season is in full swing here in New Jersey. Don’t wait another minute to contact South Jersey Heating and Cooling. Schedule a consultation today to learn what steps you should take to deal with these potential ongoing problems.