Have Multiple Locations? Here’s why you Only Need One HVAC Contractor

Posted in: Commercial HVAC

When overseeing multiple locations, many facility managers will choose a different HVAC contractor for each one. However, there are numerous benefits to having only one service provider, as the following information will show.


A Dedicated Account Manager

Having a single contractor means you have only one point of contact for all things related to heating and cooling. With a dedicated account manager, you will never have to waste time figuring out who you should talk to whenever there’s a problem. Let’s face it-you have more important things to do instead of spending time on hold or constantly being rerouted to different departments.

A dedicated account manager does more than just simplify things. That person can also help streamline your maintenance by:

  • Providing monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual status reporting. In turn, this allows you to better prepare for emergency repairs, as well as life cycle replacements and upgrades.
  • Ensuring all areas receive maintenance. That’s something you might easily overlook if each location is scheduled separately.
  • Creating a custom maintenance plan. This is important since not every location may have the same amount or type of equipment.


Knows your Business

A dedicated account manager will also know your business inside and out. This makes it easier to anticipate your needs and ensure the health and comfort of your employees at all times.


Not only will an account manager know your business, but the HVAC technicians will as well. So you will not have to constantly be showing someone where your equipment is or briefing them on your safety protocol.


Saves Time

Your facility manager already has lots to accomplish each day. Calling service contractors and then following up is very time consuming, and can distract from other, more important things. By having only one HVAC provider, your facility manager will not have to call around each time you need service.


There’s also no comparing bids or haggling over service details. All of that will have already been hashed out ahead of time, in which case there is one less thing to worry over.


Preferred Treatment

Heating and cooling contractors are honored whenever you trust them with more than one location. Accordingly, they are more apt to go out of their way to please you. For example, you could receive priority in scheduling, to include being seen first during an emergency. Or you might be the first to know about special deals or promotions.


At any rate, having preferred treatment can give your business an advantage. It’s also something you’re not likely to experience if you are dealing with multiple contractors on a smaller scale.



Finding a company that provides quality service is very important. Since each one operates differently, there is a lot of fluctuation in quality from one contractor to the next. Unless you use only one provider, you may never know quite what to expect.


Having a single HVAC contractor means you will never have to wonder what type of result you’ll get. Consequently, there are fewer surprises and greater peace of mind. If you want to eliminate guesswork and ensure more even results in all your locations, having a “go to” provider is the best way to accomplish this.


Cost-Effective, Commercial Solutions in New Jersey

Heating and cooling repairs can account for a very large part of your overall maintenance budget. In many cases, having only a single HVAC contractor is more cost-effective, and could therefore save you money.


Here at South Jersey Heating and Cooling, we specialize in multi-location businesses, and would be honored to handle all your HVAC needs. Allow us to perform an assessment and come up with a custom maintenance plan especially for you.