Five Myths about Commercial HVAC that you Should Leave Behind

As a building manager, you have probably been given a lot of advice about your commercial HVAC system. Knowing how to separate the myths from reality is crucial if you are to keep your unit in top working condition. Here are five myths you should definitely leave behind.


Myth #1: Changing an HVAC filter is only an annual requirement
FactMany people believe this myth because they tend to forget about changing their filters until they are doing their annual inspections. However, changing a filter only once each year can be dangerous to your system. Ideally, you should change yours at least once every 90 days, or more often if your facility has a lot of dust, dander, or paper products.


Myth #2: A bigger HVAC system is always better
Fact: The old saying “the bigger the better” may apply to a lot of things, but an HVAC system is not one of them. A unit that is too large for your facility will operate inefficiently, thereby costing your organization more energy dollars. It can also result in more humidity, in which case you may be more inclined to experience mold. Always have a professional size your unit any time you are considering a new HVAC system, and never go with one that is larger than what you need.


Myth #3: You don’t have to perform maintenance unless your system is broken

Fact: By the time you encounter a problem, it is already too late. Think of it like this-you do not wait until your car has broken down to visit a mechanic. In fact, you routinely visit a mechanic so that your vehicle will not break down. The same principle applies to commercial HVAC, but on a much larger scale. Regular maintenance can prevent very costly repairs or even the total failure of your unit.


Myth #4: You can find air leaks on your own
Fact: Air leaks are not always obvious, which is why your building’s maintenance crew may have overlooked them. In addition, leaks often occur in hidden areas such as your ductwork. Since you can’t always see your ducts, maintenance personnel might not even think about checking them for air leaks, and instead may just assume that everything is normal.

On the other hand, an experienced HVAC technician knows where to look for leaks, and is well-trained enough to spot them. We can perform an inspection at the same time we complete routine servicing, and can address any leaks quickly to ensure your unit is as efficient as possible.


Myth #5: Turn the thermostat up or down if you would like to better heat or cool your building
Fact: While adjusting your thermostat will provide you with greater comfort, the fact is that your HVAC system may not reach the optimum temperature if it is not functioning properly. As such, you may notice little or no improvement from adjusting the thermostat a few degrees either way. If your unit requires maintenance, it may not heat or cool your facility to the desired temperature, despite the fact that it is running almost constantly. The best way to ensure that your HVAC system is as efficient as possible is to have us perform regular tune-ups.


Fact: South Jersey Heating and Cooling services commercial facilities in New Jersey, Delaware, Boston, and Philadelphia 
FactWe have more than 1,500 commercial HVAC maintenance clients throughout our service area. Our experienced technicians can put together a custom maintenance plan that will keep your unit in great shape without costing you a fortune. Please contact us today to find out more about the commercial HVAC services we provide.