How your HVAC system impacts air quality

Most of us spend 90-percent of our time indoors and for many the majority of that time is spent at work. Many tend to think of HVAC as a means to cool a room when it’s hot or heat a room when it’s cold. But a well-designed system does more than pump cold and hot air into our space. It maintains a consistent temperature to promote healthy indoor air quality.


The air you inhale at work is filtered through an HVAC system, which brings in air from the outside. So your HVAC system is bringing outdoor pollutants inside and those unwanted contaminants can stay inside, if your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly or serviced regularly. There are indoor air quality solutions that will prevent untreated outdoor air from invading your indoor space and protect you from contaminants.


When you forego routine HVAC maintenance, pollutants can get trapped inside your equipment and ductwork. Your indoor air quality problems can be compounded if neglected HVAC maintenance results in moisture problems. Moisture can lead to the growth of dangerous mold and mildew and can spark the spread of bacteria and viruses.


Maintenance is the mantra for good air quality

Investing in routine maintenance will help safeguard your air quality and can prevent any source of contaminants from circulating throughout your building through your HVAC system. If your HVAC system is not working properly, you will not experience consistently good air quality. If you are on a regular maintenance schedule, your filters will be changed and coils cleaned on a timely basis, which is an important part of the clean air equation.


Regular maintenance checks can also help prevent harmful refrigerant leaks or potentially deadly carbon monoxide leaks from happening. Many carbon monoxide leaks emanate from heating systems.

As you can see, a well maintained system will not only save on repair costs, but will result in good air quality that will boost employee health and productivity as well as prevent unsafe situations for your facility.


At SJHC, we do what you can’t and that is perform an in-depth inspection and cleaning. Just as a car needs regular tune-ups, your HVAC system also needs “tuned up” to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or LEARN MORE HERE.