Determining if Your Mantoloking NJ Business Needs Air Conditioning Repairs

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There are many different problems that can plague an air conditioning system and when something goes wrong, your first reaction might be to call in a professional for assistance. While this is not necessarily a bad idea, as an air conditioning repair contractor will be able to quickly address the issues with your system and supply the needed repairs, there are a few factors that you should check before acting. Sometimes repair services are not necessary and routine do-it-yourself maintenance can effectively handle the problem.

This however isn’t always the case, and if you are not comfortable attempting to do basic troubleshooting with your air conditioner you should go ahead and call on your local Mantoloking air conditioner repair experts at South Jersey Heating & Cooling. If you are comfortable trying to determine what the issue might be on your own, then take these following steps:

  1. Clean Your AC: Sometimes the problem is as simple as debris gathering around the outside of your air conditioner. This can severely cut back on your system’s efficiency and even end up causing problems in the long run. Shut off the power to your air conditioner and clean around the vents, removing dirt and debris that is the source of the problem.
  2. Your Thermostat: Make certain that your thermostat is properly set. With electronic thermostats it can be easy to make a mistake, and sometimes with older models the culprit might be as simple as a switch being in the wrong place. If your thermostat isn’t set properly it isn’t going to activate your AC when you need it most.
  3. Drainage Tubes: If you’ve noticed water collecting around the base of your air conditioner this doesn’t necessarily mean that you require the attention of a repair professional. Instead of picking up the phone first check the drainage tubes for your AC unit. If the tubes are blocked, or they have iced over, this could very well be the problem. If you are not comfortable replacing the or cleaning the tubes yourself, make certain to call a repairman.

These are a few minor issues that can often be the problem for your Mantoloking Air Conditioner. If the repairs appear to fall outside of this realm and you can’t easily troubleshoot the problem, make certain to call on a licensed contractor. The expert staff at South Jersey Heating & Cooling will be able to get your air conditioner back in tip-top shape in no time!

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